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Theolyn CortensIn the summer of 1974 I had a direct experience of the immense power of the Light that creates and sustains the material world. Immediately before my experience, I drew Hexagram 61 from I Ching, “Inner Truth”, which reads: I have a good goblet, I will share it with you… In the weeks that followed I found myself in a blissful states of cosmic consciousness and my awareness was extended to include deeper levels of reality. I was able to converse with Angels and other spiritual guides who gave me access to higher wisdom. I would now like to share this wisdom with you.

Although my experience may be unusual for modern Westerners, it is not unique and is open to anyone. I believe it will become more common as human consciousness evolves. The mystic R.M.Bucke, writing in 1901, predicted a future when cosmic consciousness would be the natural state for the majority of humans.

My experience of cosmic Illumination has remained a constant background to my everyday life and calls me to my inner work, receiving and channeling messages from wise guides residing in the hidden realms of the universe, and to my outer work as a scholar, poet, and teacher of healing and meditation.  I have a mission to support the flowering of that natural potential in humanity. I encourage readers and students to expand their own consciousness, for their delight and personal abundance, but also to see themselves as contributing to the evolution of human consciousness as a whole.

My SoulSchool courses offer you insights into the deeper mysteries of Creation, and encourage you to realise and take charge of your own potential. My teaching is based on more than forty years of experience and research. I constantly go back to the original resources left to us by the mystics of all traditions, then I develop opportunities to use their wisdom in the modern world. SoulSchool courses  are  open to anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery.

I offer books and cards, audio materials, home study courses and workshops, personal readings, distant healing and spiritual mentoring. You will also find a growing library of free content.

I hope you find good sustenance here to support your own spiritual path.

I have a good goblet, I will share it with you… Hexagram 61 from I Ching, “Inner Truth”

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