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Zera Meditation at Theolyn Cortens SoulSchool

Zera Meditation

Release your inner joy!

Learn meditation the easy way — it will you supercharge your creativity.


My Soul Purpose is to encourage people to discover the amazing power that resides in their Soul, to tune in to their own Purpose, and find ways to express this in the world.  If you are on a path of self-discovery, a personal quest to understand your Soul’s Purpose and establish a path of right action in this world, then I can offer you guidance and support for your journey.

Over forty years ago I had an experience of Divine Illumination, which set me on a path of intense research – inner explorations alongside academic scholarship. Read more about my personal journey here.

In 2000 I founded SoulSchool in order to share wisdom from higher dimensions. Because meditation is an essential key to all spiritual development and I encourage all my students to meditate as a twice-daily practice.

Zera Meditation is the foundation stone for anyone who wants to build spiritual awareness and accelerate cosmic consciousness. The 21-day Zera Meditation Program will help you ground effective meditation in your everyday life. This powerful program is also included with all Level One courses and is essential for people who want to train as Shefa Healers.

Healing, blessings, abundance and joy will fill all the empty spaces in our lives.
— Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla (1248 — after 1305)

Guide to Zera Meditation

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