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About SoulSchool

Theolyn Cortens SoulSchool

About SoulSchool

In the 1990’s, Theolyn was running Angel workshops in Oxfordshire and, with Will’s help, promoted her own Angel workshops and classes offered by other tutors under the CAER SIDI* umbrella. Caer Sidi means ‘Castle of the Stars’, where the hero of the Welsh tales known as The Mabinogion learns higher wisdom — it was a ‘Soul School’. When Will began designing Theolyn’s home study courses in 2000, they decided to re-badge the workshops and courses under the name SoulSchool.

Theolyn has many years’ experience as a teacher in adult education and has several academic qualifications but, more importantly, her SoulSchool teachings are supported by her own spiritual journey and her many mystical experiences. She believes there are many routes people can take when they seek to expand their consciousness and, with Will's skills and loving commitment, has created SoulSchool to provide you with tools and encouragement on your journey.

* Centre for Alternative Education, Research and Studies in Divine Intelligence.

About Theolyn Cortens

Theolyn Cortens

In the summer of 1974 I had a direct experience of the immense power of the Light that creates and sustains the material world. Immediately before my experience, I drew Hexagram 61 from I Ching, “Inner Truth”, which reads: I have a good goblet, I will share it with you… In the weeks that followed I found myself in a blissful states of cosmic consciousness and my awareness was extended to include deeper levels of reality. I was able to converse with Angels and other spiritual guides who gave me access to higher wisdom. I would now like to share this wisdom with you.

Although my experience may be unusual for modern Westerners, it is not unique and is open to anyone. I believe it will become more common as human consciousness evolves. The mystic R.M.Bucke, writing in 1901, predicted a future when cosmic consciousness would be the natural state for the majority of humans.

My experience of cosmic Illumination has remained a constant background to my everyday life and calls me to my inner work, receiving and channeling messages from wise guides residing in the hidden realms of the universe, and to my outer work as a scholar, poet, and teacher of healing and meditation. I have a mission to support the flowering of the natural potential in humanity. I encourage readers and students to expand their own consciousness, for their delight and personal abundance, but also to see themselves as contributing to the evolution of human consciousness as a whole.

My spiritual development

My childhood was spent in the Cotswold countryside where I was able to ‘wander lonely as a cloud’ — a very suitable natural environment for a mystical seeker. On clear nights, on top of the highest hill in Oxfordshire, I often felt the stars were singing to me. When I was only nine years old, my aunt introduced me to astrology — I also read the esoteric books on her shelves, concerning chakras, spiritual masters and meditation.

We had no religion in my home and my only spiritual connections happened when teachers took me to church services. When I was fourteen I read Diagnosis of Man by Kenneth Walker, a follower of Ouspensky. This lead me to join the Buddhist Society, but I found their meditation impossible to follow. Later, I attended Christian services, both Roman Catholic and High Anglican, but after I learned Transcendental Meditation I found Silent Worship with Quakers more appealing. After many years of meditation and finding my natural access to celestial realms through Jewish mystical systems, I converted to Liberal Judaism. I now maintain a practice at home that keeps me connected to The Shekinah, the Divine Feminine.

My academic work

Alongside bringing up my family, I have always been a scholar, curious to understand how to become a wiser human being, wanting to learn how we can create a more harmonious world. In the 1970’s I gained a Diploma in Art and Design and qualified as a teacher. In the 1990’s I gained a B.A. with First Class Honours in Renaissance Studies, Comparative Religion, Philosophy and Literature. In 2010 I received a Distinction for my Master’s dissertation about Angels in Jewish and non-Jewish Kabbalah. Between 2013—2016 I researched Angel-Spirituality at the University of Winchester.

My writing

I have been writing about Angels and other spiritual topics since 1990. I have also written poetry, short stories, and other fiction, some of which has been published. All my writing focuses on the magical, mystical and metaphysical. I have started making my stories and poems accessible through this website to registered Members (register/login).

About Will Shaman

Will Shaman

Will has been spontaneously moving in and out of parallel dimensions since childhood and has experienced several out-of-body events, either through accidents or because of a (so-called) medical condition. He is therefore no stranger to the concept related by the mystics — and now even by some quantum physicists — that the world we inhabit is but one dimension out of the many that we can visit.

It was therefore a great relief to find his soul mate in Theolyn and, since their marriage some forty years ago, they have had an ongoing relationship not just as a married couple, but also as fellow explorers along a profound spiritual path.

Apart from training in meditation, dowsing, and Tuvan overtone singing, Will also qualified as a book designer and illustrator, and holds a BSc (Hons) in Music Production. He has the distinction of setting up and running Oxford University Press’ first fully electronic design studio, an experience that has helped foster his lifetime love of Apple computers.

When not doing technical things like building websites and designing e-newsletters such as the Tree of Life Journal, he loves to paint and play charango, as well as guitar and anything else he can get his hands on. In September 2000, he co-wrote the musical, Roll Over Jehovah! with Theolyn and his brother Tim, which played in London for six weeks (choreography by Wayne Sleep). This exploited his love of song writing and word-play.

His mission is to encourage fellow travellers on this planet to ‘turn on’ to their highest possibilities, ‘tune in’ to the evolution of humanity and the Earth, and ‘drop out’ of old habits that do not serve the highest good.

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