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The Tree of Life Journal

The Tree of Life Journal is published eight times a year to celebrate the solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarters. Although these times of year have been named by different traditions (Christmas, Imbolc and Lammas, for example) we have chosen our own, based on the cycle of growth, death and rebirth of the tree:

  • Sticky Buds — Spring Equinox (19—21 March)
  • Blossoms — Cross-quarter (4—7 May)
  • Golden Boughs — Summer Solstice (20—22 June)
  • First Fruits — Cross-quarter (5—8 August)
  • Falling Leaves — Autumn Equinox (21—24 September)
  • Deep Roots — Cross-quarter (5–8 November)
  • Yule — Winter Solstice (20—23 December)
  • New Shoots — Cross-quarter (2—6 February)

LATEST ISSUE (click to read):
(Please note: the PDF version for this issue and the archived link to the last issue will be ready soon)

Tree of Life Journal Issue 002 — Deep Roots, 2016

In this issue:

  • The Rape of the Cedar Forest
  • Deep Roots: Death, retribution, atonement and remembrance
  • Wise Women : Wise Men – Markus Gabriel
  • Seasonal Astrology
  • Poem by Theolyn – Baba Yaga
  • Recommended reading, listening and viewing
  • Deep Roots recipes
  • SoulSchool News
  • Comments from the Naughty Corner
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