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Living With Angels


Living With Angels
Home Study Course
Living With Angels Home Study Course
For a more intense appreciation of what it’s like to have clear angelic experiences in your life, this 12-week home study course comes with plenty of recorded visualisations and extra practical exercises. Simple Meditation download version is included to help open your channels to the Divine. More…

Living With Angels
Mentoring Add-on
Living With Angels Personal Mentoring Add-on
Get the most out of the Living With Angels Home Study Course with the Mentoring Add-on. As you tackle the series of carefully designed exercises and visualisations, Theolyn will support you through your experiences and help you understand how to have a living relationship with Angels. More…

Free Guide to
Living With Angels
Guide to Living With Angels
Discover how you can connect with the Angels and bring them into your daily life. More…

Living with Angels is well-grounded in Theolyn’s understanding of angelic dimensions, drawn from personal experiences and deep research, and has become a classic text for anyone wanting to bring Angels into their everyday life. Theolyn often says the Angels are all around us, all of the time, so we actually don’t need to ‘bring’ them towards us. What we must focus on is removing the blocks that prevent us from experiencing their presence and their constant activities. A fundamental practice for opening your heart and mind to the presence of Angels is meditation, which is why these packages all come with Theolyn’s Simple Meditation, a mini-course in mantra meditation.

Living with Angels introduces the history of human reports concerning Angels, theological ideas about the invisible architecture of Creation supported by angelic structures, and offers lots of examples of modern experiences from people who have encountered Angels. You will learn about the many layers of celestial beings: Cherubim, Seraphim, Archangels, Guardian Angels and Nature Spirits. There are plenty of practical suggestions for activities designed to help you experience angelic energy, and co-create blessings and abundance in your life.

For a deeper journey with the Angels, you can download the twelve-week Living with Angels Home Study Course, which includes printed text and audio materials.  You can either work on your own, or you can opt for personal mentoring with Theolyn, by telephone or Skype (phone costs included in most cases).

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