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Shefa Healing


Shefa Healing

Shefa Healing Gateway
Your first step learning Shefa Healing. Home Study Course (including Simple Meditation mini-course to help you get the most out of it). More…

Shefa Healing

Shefa Healing Protocols
This two-day intensive face-to-face workshop gives you the Shefa Healing protocols, which include initiation tools that promote profound shifts in energy and consciousness. You must do Shefa Healing Gateway before taking this training. More…

Shefa Healing

Shefa Healing Practitioner
Join the growing number of high-level Shefa Healing Practitioners by taking this 3-day intensive workshop, followed by six months supervised case studies. You must do the Gateway and Protocols courses before taking this training. More…

FREE Guide to
Shefa Healing

Guide to Shefa Healing
FREE guide to Shefa Healing — how it works and how you can learn to do it. More…

SPECIAL EVENT AT HIGHER VISIONS: Introduction to Shefa Healing

One Day Workshop with Theolyn, including vegan lunch
20th May 2017 at Didcot Civic Centre | Book with Higher Visions by 8th April to get Early Bird price of £79
Further details from Higher Visions: telephone 07916 298703

Shefa is a Hebrew word meaning ‘everflow’, sometimes translated as ‘Divine Blessings’ or ‘Divine Abundance’. It is the infinite energy that flows through all Creation.

Shefa Healing is a unique and very powerful spiritual technology that combines ancient wisdom with a 21st-century approach. It is designed to clear the blockages that prevent Shefa flowing easily in our life and has the capacity to accelerate your personal transformation at all levels.

In Shefa Healing we use a series of twenty-two high-vibration characters to encourage and accelerate our natural healing capacity. These characters are based on an ancient alphabet called The Celestial Writing; they embody highly-tuned vibrations that promote the natural healing process, and the training I have created is designed to initiate fast, effective and gentle healing.

Whenever I use Shefa Healing I am amazed at the speed with which energy changes. I use it for myself, my clients and my clients’ pets, and I always observe very fast changes. Shefa really does accelerate vibrational turnaround at all levels. — R.D., Shefa Healer and Psychic, London
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