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Simple Meditation


Simple Meditation
(CD version)

Simple Meditation — CD
Learn this easy yet amazingly powerful mantra meditation technique for better health, less stress and accelerated spiritual development. More…

Simple Meditation
(download version)

Simple Meditation — Download version
Download the MP3 version of the CD and start learning immediately. More…

Simple Meditation To Go!
(download version)

Simple Meditation — Download version
Download version of Simple Meditation, plus 21 days support and extra information to help you get the meditation habit. More…

FREE Guide to
Simple Meditation

Guide to Simple Meditation
FREE guide to Simple Meditation and how meditation works. More…

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This easy-to-learn meditation technique uses a mantra — a simple sound-shape introduced into your thoughts, that encourages your mind to settle down into a quiet state. Using a mantra puts your monkey-mind chatter to one side so you can access deeper states of consciousness.

Theolyn has been using mantra meditation techniques for over forty years, and she teaches a version based on her research into natural sounds found in ancient languages.

This technique is recommended to anyone who wants to reduce stress and increase energy. It is also an essential practice for anyone who wants to expand their spiritual awareness, or for healers who wish to connect with Divine Source.

The mantra used in Simple Meditation is based on Hebrew which, like Sanskrit, is an ancient sacred language. This does not mean you have to take on any prescribed religious beliefs.

Meditation allows you to explore your own consciousness and then you can form your own opinion about the meaning of your experiences.

All SoulSchool’s courses include the audio tracks from Simple Meditation, but this album can be purchased separately, either for immediate download or as a CD.

Click here to read or download the Guide to Simple Meditation.

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