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Working With Archangels


Working With
Archangels for Abundance

Guide to our Shining Ancestors
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Working with Archangels is a significant contribution to the literature on Archangels for modern seekers. In the 1980’s, Theolyn spent many hours on inner journeys, seeking out and conversing with the twelve Archangels of the Tree of Life. Later, she researched Angels in the Kabbalah for her Master’s dissertation. Her academic research, together with her powerful spiritual experiences, provide a valuable resource and unique insights that will encourage you to go on Archangel journeys yourself. We believe we can quite safely say there is no other book on the market that offers readers such powerful, potentially life-changing, wisdom concerning the Archangels, and we invite you to work with them to create a life that you love.

Working with Archangels Every Day introduces all twelve Archangels of the Tree of Life and also invites you to experience the still, silent place of the Holy Spirit – not an Archangel, but an empty space of all possibilities. You will also meet the twelve Archangels of the zodiac signs and discover how to tune in to your solar and lunar Archangels. The text includes guided journeys to meet the Arcangels of the Tree of Life and the Zodiac Archangels, which are read by Theolyn on the accompanying double-album. As always, we recommend proper meditation as a foundation for all spiritual questing. Theolyn’s own access to celestial and angelic dimensions opened up when she learned mantra meditation in 1972. Because of this, the Simple Meditation audio course is included with Working With Archangels Every Day.

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