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Zera Meditation 21-day Program

Zera Meditation 21-day Program

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Manufacturer Theolyn Cortens SoulSchool


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Everybody knows that daily meditation is essential for good health, peace of mind and spiritual development. But many find it difficult, thinking it requires hours of concentration and hard work, when it should be easy and enjoyable. Is this you?

  • Maybe you haven’t found a good way to meditate that you find enjoyable?
  • Perhaps your meditation doesn’t take you into deep, quiet spaces?
  • You can’t easily access Divine Source?
  • Or maybe you find it difficult to make a commitment and spend the time?
  • Your problem might be that you always feel restless and impatient when you close your eyes?
  • You might think meditating means concentrating and it seems hard to do?

The new Zera Meditation 21-day Program will show you…

  • Meditation is enjoyable
  • Meditation SUPERCHARGES your creativity
  • Meditation takes you to the deep, silent place of Divine Source, where you feel calm, safe and loved
  • Meditation is so special you will want to spend your time meditating
  • Meditation rewards you by giving back your time as you become clear and efficient in everything you do
  • Zera Meditation allows you to access the deepest states of consciousness
  • Meditation is natural, simple and easy!

Zera is an old biblical word meaning ‘seed’ — we plant a sound seed in our consciousness and then we allow it to rest in a deep, silent space where it encourages our ongoing relationship with Divine Source. Remember, Divine Source is always there for us, but most of the time we forget this, because our busy lives take over.

The Zera Meditation 21-day Program is a reliable method to get the meditation habit and transform your spiritual experience! You will get…

  • Daily emails with instructions and encouragement to help you get the meditation habit quickly
  • Daily topics, filled with information about what meditation really is, what you will experience, how to maintain your habit and how to get the best out of meditation
  • End-of-course ebook containing all the topics for future reference to keep you on track
  • Audio guidance
  • A self-assessment and review system designed to optimise your experience
  • Membership of private dedicated Facebook Group where you can ask questions, make friends and share experiences

PLUS, even though the Zera Meditation 21-day Program should give you the meditation habit easily within 21 days, if you find you need extra help, you can book one-to-one telephone or Skype Coaching Sessions with me (additional costs apply) AND you get three 50% discount codes with your first email.

Zera Meditation is probably the best technique available and can bring profound and lasting effects to all areas of your life. I have meditated for over forty years and I know that focusing on a sound-shape, or zera, gives fast, easy access to Divine Source.

For more information, get the FREE Guide to Zera Meditation.

NOTE: Emails will be sent from zera@theolyn.com, so please ensure this address is in your mail address book, to avoid it being marked as spam.

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I'm now an established meditator

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I had tried meditation apps before but particularly enjoyed the consistency of zera meditation. I find myself using the zera in all situations where I need to regain a sense of calm now - not just for my daily meditations. The course materials were clear, well written and concise enough that I could read them in the evening, after work, even while tired, and not feel like it was hard work. The approach to zera and meditation in the course was gentle, but still very structured. I feel much better equipped to deal with stress since doing the course and am extremely happy to have been given these life tools. I still have a lot to learn, but I feel well on the way now. Thanks Theolyn! (19 Jul 2017, 11:08)
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